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tv   Cavuto  FOX Business  April 15, 2013 11:00pm-12:00am EDT

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be much like going to work in new york after 9/11 her you can do it but it is not easy and for a premier city on this planet, it will be veeign market reaction, everyone's reaction. thank you for joining us. here is lou. >> good evening. at least two people have been killed, dozens injured in boston after two bombs exploded within a block of one another, near the finish le to the 117th annual boston marathon. there you see the first bomb exploding, just over two hours after the first runner crossed the finish line. thousands still making their way to that finish line. sources telling fox news that authorities in boston are now guarding a person of interest in an unidentified hospital.
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the person is said to be 20 years old, suffering from severe burns. as you watch that explosion and another that followed about five seconds later, as you will see here as we look up the street and the cameraill turn from this, the first explosion and there you heard the sound of a second explosion and as the camera moves towards it, you'll see the point from the smoke down the street about a block from the first explosion. the f.b.i. tonight is confirming that another explosion took place at the john f. kennedy library which is located in dorchester. it's just about an hour after the explosions at the finish line, about four miles at that location from where these explosions took place. no injuries are reported at the j.f.k. location. law enforcement, at this point, is still unableo confirm
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ether it is indeed related to these two explosions. and an investigative source is confirming to fox that the boston police have found and removed another suspected device, this one located at st. ignatius church just steps away from boston college. the city of boston has recalled all of its off duty police officers and they've been called in for support. boston police commissioner ed davis is preparing the public for a lot ofnjuries and deaths beyond the two that we know of at this hour. >> 2:50 p.m. today, there were simultaneous explosions that occurred along the route of the boston marathon, near the finish line. these explosions occued 50 to 100 yards apart and each scene
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resulted in multiple casualties. >> we ow as few as two sualties at this point. 25 injured, two confirmed dead and the department of justice is confirming that the events were being treated as a terrorist act, although it's unclear whether or not the spoke us is domestic or international at this time. the federal aviation administration placing a temporary flight restriction over the site of the explosion at the request of boston law enforcement and the department of justice has released a following statement that reads, quote, attorney general eric holder has directed the full resources ofhe justice department to be deployed to ensure the matter is fully investigated. the boston police department is scheduled to brief the public at this second briefing and that is
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scheduled at any moment here and we will be going to that to listen to what police commissioner ed davis, we're also told that governor patrick will be there as well but we will be going to that as soon as that press conference begins. joining me now for more on today's tragic events, former new york police department homicide detective bo dietl, and bill bailey. nice to have you with us. this is obviously a terrorist act that took some team before the authorities to be as careful as they should be, would say that it was preciselythat. what are your thoughts as you look at this? we know that dozens of people injured here, at least two dead. >> you know what? first off when something like this, we know it's not a gas explosion, you know it's not an act of nature, it is positively some sort an explosive device
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that was set off. under these kind of perimeters, it's a flowing invessigation. flowing means it's on going. any of these facts that are coming out, they talk about the third te, was it a part or wasn't it? now there's a saudi national they're holding as a person of interest. that person could have possibly -- >> i want to be more clear. a lot of this is out there, bo, but fox business network has not confirmed the nationality and we want to be very careful about what -- >> that's the point i'm trying to bring out is a lot of things are coming out now. we can't put any kind of precedence or any confirmation to it. but as far as we're concerned, what's real is the fact that there was a bomb explosion there. under thoseircumstances and bill can tell you, i believe the joint terrorist task force takes over the lead on this investigation over even the boston police. am i correct?
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>> that's rrect. f.b.i., joint terrorism task force made up of the police and other state and federal officials have been given, at least it's the notification by the government, will be taking a lead on this investigation. >> we have just received word that fox has confirmed that 77 people have been injured. as of right now, we were reporting up to this moment, 25 and that number has risen to 73. we know that dozens of people were transported from the scene of the two explosions to at least three hospitals, perhaps more and we will update that, of course, throughout this hour. bill, in interrupting you, the joint task force is a cross force from local to federal jurisdiction and they organize themselves for better communication. what do you expect to beethe result tonight? i mean, this is moving -- >> sure, lou, and it is moving very quickly.
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it's moving quickly to get the treatment to the people who were severely injured, the tragedy of it all. there's human life that have been lost and people who have been severely injured. at the same time, police move quickly to see if they can find out who the person or persons are behind this becae you want to make sure that there's no other larger plan afoot that would affect either the city or elsewhere throughout the u.s. so i believe it will move quickly. there's a lot of video from the media and also from private sector that may help in who put the device there. >> it's extraordinary because there is so much media available, whether it's on the smart phones or closed-circuit television. whatever the it may be. but this video, and i want to bring up, if we may, the boston globe video that shows the initial explosion whi we showed you right at the outset of the broadcast, if we could have that, please.
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the first explosion with power of that explosion tremendous as you saw a lot of flame around that explosion and the second you just heard there and that explosion defined more by smoke and white plume. >> what is -- does that tell you anything, bill? >> well, you know, from -- i'm not a bomb expert but i can tell you that the bomb experts and bo has also discussed this, can tell by the plume of the smoke, the color of the smoke as to what might be behind those explosive devices. obviously the residue that's left behind, the shrapnel as well as if it is true that they found a device which was unexploded, that will be a treasure trove for investigators to get behind who may have put the devices together. >> there are reports, we are -- fox is reporting that one device
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has been found that was unexploded. there is some -- well, we have not yet confirmed that the city of boston had all of its cell phone service shut down to avoid the possibility that these were triggered by cell phones. bo, to look at what is happening there now, and the idea that cell phone service might -- the cell phone companies, by the way, cell phone services are denying that. would that be standard procedure? >> it could also be, you know, if you have one cell and you have a vast amount of cell phone being used out of one cell, you certainly can stop the usage from that with the total amount of usage. now, again, going back to bill's point is these frames, every frame will be taken out of these explosions. one good part about so many cameras that we have to work with, the explosive expert will determine what type of
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explosive. i'm not an expert. bill is not, either. but we have to look at all of the evidence we've got. you have to weigh that. a lot of people, fox not reporting it but a lot of people say there was no kind of chatter as far as with al qaeda terrorists like they had chatter before a lot of the other explosions in london and also in spain. there was chatter going on like something was going to happen. they said as fars i heard that there was not much of that and i don't know if you know about that, bill. >> and haven't heardny of that. i would suspect that the joint terrorism task force that is the multi agency getting intelligence from even international sources, if there was something, they would have been probably putting people under watch if they thought that people could be involved in some way. >> to bo's point here, if we were getting chatter, i would expect our intelligence agencies, we would be referring to the c.i.a., sta department intelligence, my feelg would be that, you know, this many years after september 11, there
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would have been a tremendous response. >> we've had it in new york city. whenever there was chatter or anything like that, all of a sudden, you would see security ramped up. as we sit here tonight in new york city, a lot of landmark buildings have been flooded with security just in case it is more than it is. if you remember 9/11, we had four planes that were -- >> we're watching at the capital, the lowering of the flag to half mast to honor the victims of today's bombings and appropriately so. and those flags will be half staff across the country by tomorrow morning. a person of interest, now we're told as i reported at the outset in a hospital in boston, unidentified. as to which hospital, nationality or any other personal identification, there have been reports, as you suggested, bo, but how important is it to have someone who may be
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related to this? >> it could be a person that was just standing there watching the race also and then the explosion. this person is severely burned, 20 years old. he's supposedly cooperating completely. he could have nothing. that's what i'm saying about a flowing investigation. until we can determine exactly what he was doing there, what he's all about, i think it's kind of not responsible to say that he was actively involved with this. person of interest, he was there. he was burned. maybe, maybe not. >> you know, interesting law enforcement has taken different stance on calling people suspects, grabbing a whoem bunch of people and calling them suspects. eric rudolph, they thought it may have been someone else and they called the person a suspect that then hurts that person's aracter severely. a person of interest. >> bo is sitting here talking
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about hi nationality at the outset. i want to -- if i may, i would like to turn to because we're getting into trouble on time. we're waiting on this press conference but one person who was there as the explosion reached into his pocket and said that he found pellets as a result of the explosion. he didn't say if they were pell elts from a shotgun shell, from a pellet gun. didn't identify it beyond that. >> these devices, sometimes these crude devices, they develop devices and what they do is put ball bearings in there, put allinds of projectiles so it causes the most it can to maim and hurt people. that could be consistent with that. and just again, real fair, i happen to know someone who was in boon who is a businessman who is saudi arabian. i want to clear that.
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that person would have just been there and i want to clear that up. >> one closing point. you mentioned about being able to shut off the cell service. that ability to be able to do it locally, quickly is a local arrangement they haveith the cell providers. on a national basis, the president has the authority in a time of national emergency to suspend that service if they think perhaps there's a reason for that, they need to clear the air waves. there was a discussion point last year so we have looked at this or at least the government has looked at it. i'm sure local authorities have looked at it to see if they need to do something like at. we don't know if that's the case but if they wanted to turn it off for fear there were remote controlled by cell phone signal, they should have the ability to do that and do it quickly. >> it's been extraordinary as we've been reporting from the outset of this tragedy, the way in which boston's first responders took charge and started moving the victims out
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to hospitals. i mean, these are the hospitals, some of the elite hospitals of the nation. the care that they're receiving is amazing but to see that -- those first responders moving these victims and ambulances and transporting them is heartening. >> and thereports, lou, that first came out about limbs being blown off, these are severely -- some of these people are severely injured and the death toll, i'm sorry to say, possibly could go up. we hope not. we hope they'll all survive but there were severe injuries and our prayers go out to them and their families and hope everybody survivors. >> without question. thank you very much. we appreciate it. we're going to have much more on the marath, boston marathon terrorist attack, breaking dates from throughout the broadcast tonight. stay with us. we're coming right back with the very latest. the capital one cash rewards card
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lou: we're following breaking news tonight. two bombs exploded in a packed street near the finish line of the boston marathon this afternoon. officials say at least two people were killed. the associated press is porting more than 100 others were injured in the explosions. no word on a motive or who might have attacked but a white house official telling fox news that the incident is being treated as a terrorist act. wall street already having a bad day before the tragedy in boston. news report of what had occurred in boston, of course, prompting a selloff in stocks just as toward the end of the session it appeared they were going to recover. but in the commodity market, the explosion just added a great burden to what was already a meltdown in commodities.
11:20 pm
weaker than expected economic growth in china reigniting commodities. gold tumbled to the lowest price since 2011. this, the second worst dlar loss in 33 years for oil. crude dropped $2.50 settling just under $89 a rrel. all commodities moving lower in electronic trading this evening. massive selloff in the commodity market obviously joined in the equities market. the dow posting the worst point and percentage losses since early november of last year. the dow losing 266 points, the s&p 500 down 36. its worst point loss since mid november of 2011. the nasdaq fell 78 points, the worst point loss since june of last year. big board volume, the second highest of this year, 4.6
11:21 pm
billion shares and the three hardest hit sectors ofhe s&p 500 energy materials industrials, the big losers in each sectors saved by the energy, pioneer national resources, gold and copper. cliff natural resources. in the bond market, a fght to safety sparked by news of the bostonarathon bombing, the yield on the treasury's 10-year dropping to -- down two bases points. joining me to discuss the selloff, chairman of the lairman institute. chief economist moody's capital markets, president of securities, thank you for joining us on this difficult day for everyone and i know that all of us have the victims of this tragedy in our hearts and prayers. i want to begin, ted, with you if i may. these markets are very sensitive
11:22 pm
to all sorts of geo political events. this is one of the worst that we could experience. what are your thoughts about what is in store in the days, weeks ahead as a result? >> i think still the underlying trend for equities is positive and the selloff today, though, triggered by the weakness in the commodity markets that started at the end of last week, i think if you go back to 2008 a 2009, lou, when we had -- we would look for relief rallies, we would get week after week after week of down markets. we have the flip side of it. i think we have to -- with a market that's been on a positive trajectory for four months now. lou: we'll come back. we'll be right back with lou and john and ted. stay with us. we're coming right back. ♪
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lou: we're back with lou, john and ted. gentlemen, let me -- while you're looki at the futures right now, you can see a little bit of a bounce which is in order after the dramatic selloff of the day. and that may be reassure to go -- reassuring to some and unsettling to others. john, what are your expectations, particularly in the equities market and the bond market? >> i think there's no overlooking the important fact, the major driver behind this latest rally in equities has been the expectation of low terest rates. in this latest dive by commodity prices reinforces a low level of
11:27 pm
inflation expectations that ought to lengthen the day by extraordinarily low interest rates. all we need to do is simply grow profits and if that's the case, then we could see further climbs by share prices. i would be worried, on the other hand, if profitability began to contract. lou: do you expect as a result of today's bombing thathere will be any holdover, hangover as a result? >> you know, off hand, i don't think -- lou: i know we're all guessing here. >> the jump in consumer fear, i think that's going to be short lived and fundantalists will, you know, overtake what dves consumer spending fairly quickly. lou: we're watching an unprecedented, at least in recent times, selloff in gold, a meltdown by any definition. how concerned are you about the level of gold and what do you expect to happen? >> gold is a commodity. it is not monetary standard and
11:28 pm
hasn't been one since 1971, perhaps even before that. so that it has to be viewed as a commodity and it fluctuates like a commodity. right now the price of gold is approximately equal to the average all in cost of production of mining gold worldwide. it's not uncustomary to see in down moves, big down moves to see the price of gold fall below the average cost of production. but gold is not the issue today. the big news, i think, over the weekend which may have been missed by some was the president of the boston fed who has been the most aggressive advocate, gave a speech where he saide might want to end soonerhan i thought and before the end of the year. and wall street being so deep into the carry trade, buyin anything that, you know, isn't nailed down was very much aware of that.
11:29 pm
lou: with all due respect the boston fed had and others, right now i can't think of anything more unlikely than the quantitative easing here. as we watch gold drop, i mean, this is really -- you could argue is a deflation signal of the strongest order. right, ted? >> absolutely. i mean, that could be the message that it is signalling worldwide deflation and of course, the euro zone is struggling. the u.s. economy seems to take two steps forward, one step back and i would also have to agree with your comments about the fed. lou, i also read that but i think that the fed cirman has made it perfectly clear that they were going to stay the course for the indefinite future. >> w what will ultimately drive prices will be the growth of wages and salaries and the like and according to the march -- lou: we would like to have some
11:30 pm
of that. >> we would like to see some growth there. in march the conference board's survey showed that the percent of consumers expecting a lower income six months from now, once again exceeded the percent expecting income growth. we never saw this type of imbalance in previous recoveries and that's a b unsettling. lou: i lied. you get the last word, lou. we started out with the gold, deflation. you get the last word. >> we're not far apart but i would say that the revenues of corporate america have been slowing. as the top line continues to slow, the abili to maintain profitability is certainly doubul and i think any wisp of deflatn or whiff of deflation that gets in the market, i agree with you about the prospect but any doubts that come in that a going to be felt by the carry trade.
11:31 pm
lou: we have to wrap it up. thank you. we'll have much more o the boston terrorist attacks, the bombings at the boston marathon coming right up next. lou: ed and michael with teir perspective next. patriot day turns deadly at the finish line of the boston marathon. we'll have the latest update for you next. and the gruesome murder trial of a pennsylvania abortion doctor enters its fifth week. dobbs law next.
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lou: boston police investigating, along with all the federal authorities, state and local authorities there, the tragic bombings at the boston marathon. boston police right now are saying no suspect has been taken into custody in connection with
11:35 pm
the explosions near the finish line of the boston marathon. boston police commissioner, edward davis, says that the fire at the john f. kennedy libry, which is about four mles away, more than an hour after the two explosions does not appear -- i repeat at this hour, does not appear to be related to those deadly explosions. indeed, the commissioner says the fire may have been caused by an insidary device but they're not related and the boston globe is reporting one of the deaths is an 8-year-old boy. the globe also reporting more than 120 others were injured in those explosions now. that is the latest cou of the injured. 120 ormore, two persons killed in the explosions.
11:36 pm
police say it's far too early to get into any specifics about the nature of the explosive devices that were used whether shrapnel was involved or the characteristic of any of the bombs. joining us is congressman, member of the house armed services committee and a number of others and we appreciate you being with us, congressman. i want to talk to you obviously about what is happening around the world and first and foremost, focus on what has occurred today in boston. your thoughts? >> lou, it's just another reminder unfortunately we do live in a dangerous world. here in america, we have crazy people and overseas we've got crazy people. lou: and nowhere are there, it seems, any crazier people than in north korea. that leader continues with the
11:37 pm
bellicose, thrtening rhetoric. the united states represented by secretary of state kerry making what some see as an extraordinary propher to china, to talk about an engagement directly with north korea. your reaction, your thoughts as to the secretary's, if you will, offers? >> and lou, some of us are banded together to send a letter to the president saying we should not go down this road. this is a very troubling development. it would send the wrong signal to our allies like japan and south korea that their interests are secondary and that should not be the case. and we shouldn't be intimidated by the chinese. you know, when barack obama first came into office, we gave away a lot of missile defense
11:38 pm
scheduled to go into europe because we wanted to please the russians. we wanted to hit the reset button and look where that's gotten it. it's gotten us nothing except we've delayed protections for ourselves and our allies. we have to do what's best for our defense and our allies' defense and do what ronald rean said. we should have peace through strength, not peace through weakness. peace through strength. lou: the north koreans have at least two missiles for launch, estimated to be, by all counts, and of course, yu're far better briefed on this than the people but by all accounts a range of at least 00 miles. how concerned are you that they will, indeed, be launched and what should be the u.s. response? >> well, fortunately, we do have some good theater missile defenses in place today, missile destroyers that we already had and we beefed that up. japanese had some with our help and they're deploying that and
11:39 pm
we have some inter continental ballistic missile interceptors, lou, in both california and alaska so i feel good about what we are doing today. the long term i'm more concerned about because the president is advocating slashing our missile defense budget by half a billion dolls and i think that that's the wrong direction to go in, given the threats that are out there. but i feel good what we have deployed as of today. lou: all right. congressman, we appreciate you being with us and we look forward to talking to you again soon. thank you so much. >> talk to you soon. lou: we'll have the very latest from boston on the marathon bombings. we'll have the latest -- well, casualty count right after the break. st with us. we're coming right back.
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lou: joining us now, randy, a
11:43 pm
criminal defense attorney, former prosecutor. good to ha you here. >> such an honor. u: orange county, california criminal defense attorney. nice to have you with us. thank you. lou: that's start with you. what we're watching unfold here is an investigation in boston into these tragic mbings. people were talking about this as an investigation person of interest, they're being extraordinarily careful. your thoughts about the necessity to say a p person of interest. is it necessary to describe them even as th? >> it's not. this seems to be a creature of the internet and it's a creature of lawyers where we're so afraid if we say the wrong thing about someone, someone is going to sue someone else. let's call it what it is. how do we all feel right now? unsure, scared. i think the dictionary definition of that is terrorism, whether it's homegrown or not.
11:44 pm
we're all flipping out right now and we're scared and we're nervous and an 8-year-old, what does an 8-year-old have to do with the state of affairs whether here or anywhere else? let's call it what it is and go from there. lou: your thoughts? >> i think oftentimes, law enforcement will use that term of art as a suspect or person of interest as an investigatory tool. people that are suspects may be nervous, they may feel they' watched, they may make mistakes so i'm okay of calling it a person of interest or a suspect in this case. it's a horrific event that took place this afternoon and i think law enforcement should do whatever it takes to find out who did this and bring them to justice. lou: if it's a matter of law enforcement investigation or whether it be national security investigators, there is such a -- there is such a broad expanse of investigative agencies and we were talking earlier, bill and bo were with us talking about
11:45 pm
the joint task force. this seems like such an immense job to coordinate, even just a few agencies sue what has happed here and why, let alone joint task force that reach across huge juridsdictions. is the joint task force the effective way, the most effective way to get to deciding who caused this and why? >> you put all your assets, all your resources. we're looking for a needle in a haystack but we have the best talent, the best assets and if anyone is going to find out what happened, it's going to be the law enforcement of the united states of america because we will find out who does this and we will bring them to justice which is why it's not important to call them a person of interest. it doesn't matter. you're a defendant or you're not. period, end of story. lou: i want to turn to the gosnell abortion trial. so much of the media has not
11:46 pm
covered it. he's accused of some of the most horrific acts. what is your thought about first, why it's not getting more coverage and who are the prospects of a success of conviction? >> in terms of coverage, i don't know and we've spent more time on a woman who already admitted guilt in this case. we have the most outrageous case i've seen. it is the most egregious case i've ever seen so i'm not sure why they don't cover it. however, in terms of prosecution, he's being charged with seven counts of murder, one being his patient and seven being -- or six being the fetus, the viable fetuses that were recovered in the freezer. now, with the medical examiner coming forward today and stating that he's not sure that those fetus were viable, that puts -- takes the wind out of sails of the osecution's case. if it's not viable, then you
11:47 pm
don't have a murder. we'll have to see what happens in the next couple of days. lou: very quickly, we're out of timee your thoughts on it? >> when you take abortion, we're trying to pu a square peg into a round hole. this is not a murder case. when we bring the person to justice who did this at the boston marathon, that's a murder. this doctor was fulfilling a need. we support people in the communities that have no other way to get access to the termination of a pregnancy. it may be wrong but it's not murder. lou: thank you very much. appreciate you both being here. up next we'll have an update on the boston marathon bombings here next. with the srk miles card from capital one, bjorn earns unlimited rewas for his small business take theseags to room 12 please. [ garth ] bjors small busiss earns double miles on every purchase every day. produce delivery. [ bjorn ] just put it on my spark card. [ garth why settle for less? ahh, oh! [ garth ] great businesses deserve limited reward here's your wake up call. [ male announcer ] get the spark business card
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lou: joining us now, former reagan political director, fox
11:51 pm
news political analyst, pulitzer prize winning columnist. good to have you with us tonight even under these circumstces, especially under these circumstances. your thoughts ababout what has transpired? it's obviously a terrorist attack in boston. the rest we don't know. michael? >> well, lou, like everybody else, you watch it, sort of trans fixed b it when you wonder what else there is, what we don't know and the thing that jumped out at me and reminders of 9/11 again, when ordinary citizens, the runners in the marathon and others run away, you see the first responders running to it. it's an extraordinary sight to see this is what people do and i think god bless them that this country has such people that respond that way when the rest of us are looking to go t other way.
11:52 pm
>> terrible tragedy of this is we've talked about these kinds of things forever. we've watched it in israel, watched it in london, watched it in other countries and we kept saying, it could happen here. sporting event, wherever there's a crowd and we're shocked again by it. all the due diligence we have, all the police presence, all the cameras, these terrorists, whether it's domestic or foreign, we doen know yet, they can get the people and they can cause what they term as terrorism and we just have to continue to pursue it and more due diligence and more giving up freedoms. lou: i want to say, too, michael, and you're exactly right, there are also folks, the fellow taking off his t-shirt to put over a wound, others taking their belt, you know, a limb and put a tourniquet on a bleeding leg. you know, that to me is also a very inspiring. we have lots of good folks.
11:53 pm
it's a shame we often don't acknowledge it until tragedies like these. we're going to be right back with michael goodwin and ed rollins. we'll find out why the secretary of state and the united states government seemingly want to gotiate missile defense and relationship with north korea during a moment of crisis. is it the right time? the right thing? we'll get their views here next. shoot. now with the share everything plan from verizon, connect your camera, along with your smartphone and tablet. all your devices connected by one simple plan on the powerful network. record video. connect more. so you can do more. the share everything plan from verizon. add additional devices like the samsung galaxy camera for $5 monthly access.
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u: we are back. then, the secretary of state basically saying he will negotiate and the obama administration will negotiate on missile defense at a time trying to build the of quid pro quo that has to do with our national security. >> how can you negotiate?
11:57 pm
sponsors of terrorist, a built nuclear weapons when we told them they couldn't and disrupted the entire region and threatened to nukes' their neighbors and us and we say okay let's see what we can do to make it well? it is absurd. >> today's a prfect storm forhose who hate america. you have some time of terrorism here at home and iran and north korea and we cannot seem to get anywhere in pt because we are willing to talk to them. they want to destroy their neighbors that we're offering to negotiate. but appeasement is not as a momentary event. is a process. each time that north korea or iran makes these outrageous threats and what we reward them with further negotiations, we are basically betting against
11:58 pm
ourselves. lou: then the secretary of state says that foreign students that don't want to come to the united states because of the secretary of state in japan says they are afraid of american guns. ishere room for outrage? it is such a misstatement there are tens of thousands of foreign students desperate to get into america. lou: our universities would be ghost towns of not for the international student. >> to politicize to make guns the issue everywhere is the upsurge and he should be conducting foreign affairs, obviously he knows a lot about it but when you make a stupid -- stupid statement like th it diminishes him and his first 30 days of the job and i don't see much accomplishment. >> if you want to be a
11:59 pm
senator about gun-control co back to be a senator but secretary of state is beneath your pay grade to argue about gun-control abroad. lou: i thought he had a good start on his phil flynn that over the last two days started to set the dial back i am not sure what to make of it. >> unfortunately toomany of the modern secretary of state ied to make th big deal of the henry kissinger theory no disrespect but at the end of the day it is a long process and you have to represent the united states abroad so let's get our troops home. lou: for the record i will take kissinger every time. that is it for us.


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